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"Your world, ethereal clear. Indulge them, Yu Jie ice clear. A simple, fresh, simple atmosphere covered the heart of the field. ""Spring eyes quietly stream, the shade of the water according to the water Qingqing soft. Xiaodai only exposed sharp corners, long dragonflies stand up."" Full of emotions, blooming in the lotus season. I saw a lotus whispered a touch of rhyme, in the little glory of the golden light, sowing a quiet and warm, a blurred dream."
"Love is a beautiful thing, it should be your thought of the blood surging, heart rate. If one day, love has become a burden to you. Then you are together, it is no longer love, but only will be on. And a person can only be on for a while, can not be on a lifetime. So, sometimes lovelorn is also kind of relief. Love will not be on, but to be happy long."
"The dark night waiting for you, desolate street waiting for you, lonely heart waiting for you, wandering people waiting for you. Waiting for you, all the scenery is no longer the scenery; waiting for you, all the bustling have become lonely; waiting for you, because love you!"
", A gentle free and easy, soon as the frequency of recall, walking in the heart of the carved, floating in the heart of the ruthless cycle, but doomed the hearts of the situation, to describe the idea of ??about, that share of such a drunk, that part of the farewell Cold, and a heart, a meaning, heart, heart floating is Acacia, Italy is the tears fall."
"Concerned about the cost of a person is too high, to be worried about the enthusiasm, fear of disappointment, consumption of time and spirit, is a stable payment does not earn things."
"I am willing to reflect your happy blue sky; companions of happiness is a warm smile, I wish you peace and happiness years old."
", That lotus leaf, big like disc, and some stretch like umbrella, that lotus leaf on the water, some like lover's tears, and some scattered into small beads, rolling in the lotus leaf, flashing With a gorgeous glory, from afar, in the surrounding green mountains against the background, in the red sunset under the shadow of that group of lotus, like a mass of red clouds, layers of Danxia, ??you see that endless Of the Dutch field, such as rouge, such as into the fairyland."
"Life is a piece of water in the leaves, floating in every turbulent ferry rotation, no choice of the whereabouts of the leaves did not choose to complain or stop, it is still in the river left and right hit, when the arrival of a rapid still calm , Even if the last broken to only a little clear context, leaves still show the wonderful life. No words."
", Tears to talk, heart sad, gentle presumptuous, gathered in the road of love, sprinkle the sun-like protection, is read in the hearts of the rise of the beautiful Haixia, or dream of such a keel, but relentless marked Acacia The layout."
".你拆了城墙让我去流浪,一个人完成自己的梦想  "
"You demolished the wall and let me go wandering, and one completes his dream"
", To understand the farewell to the perception, kissing intoxicating traces, put up the traces of fragile, strolling in the scars of the pace, out of the silent edge, the perception of the afterlife about, every sad in the sad, Is the beauty of the thorough, or completely dry, all the sympathy marked the beauty of the scene, but can not show the words of the soul."
", The beauty of purification, wandering in the heart of the corner, beating the mood of the drunk, perception of the question and answer, thoughts of the cycle engraved, so affectionate, so coincide with the lied change, is asked, read from the wandering, Dream from this cycle."
"Look, your smile, more like a tree bloom, between the petals ticking poetry. You for life, stick to the poetic. In your eyes, do not see lonely and lonely, can not see the pain and depression, even if ""only the last line of poetry""! Be sure to let the soul go for a walk. You firmly believe that the face of life with sunshine, there will be pillow waves by the waves of happiness."
", Churned purple red glow, half covered in the poplar trees behind the road, toward the awakening of the earth cast a colorful red light. Gradually, drew a dazzling cloud, the sun like a fireball generally appeared, the fire of red light poured into the trees on the plains on the ocean and the whole earth."
"The sun is empty, both sides of the road, mature grain in the hot bend down, head down. More like a grasshopper"
"And then look back, drizzle off the bridge, the roots of the old Feng Lin autumn; several times the east wind like old, ask peach, the Iraqi people remember? Now people to spend who, Jun and live, stay a step in a long way ... ... before the window, cuddle night cup, bottle of wine into the throat, wet placenta, wind full sleeves Brewed white hair, who in the blue silk into the show? Cold fall autumn, parting to the sleeves, sighs Fanghua, once singing song, since then, meet again and what year?"
", Life is alive, in fact, each of us are fishing. But the situation is different, the pursuit of different, fishing life experience is also very different. Some people catch fame and fortune, some people catch the breeze moon, someone fishing car BMW, some people catch the city life ... ... what noble, what humble, only anglers know."
"If you hold too tight in the past, how can you free your hands to hug now?"
"The happiness of the corner, we guard together"
", Crisp charm, blooming in the season of gentle, and pessimistic to lay down the brilliant, sprinkle the taste of the next, the tears of the cycle asked, is to take the heart of perception, or lost Acacia no way, is the wind heart, or snow Love, how much love so simple, but in the time of the talk, simply to, and in a hurry in the cycle of time to go without a shadow, and many times ruthless."
"The bitter and hot air seemed to be stagnant; the fiery face was waiting for the wind, but the wind did not come. The sun in the dark blue sky in the sky; in the opposite of our shore is a yellow orange orange oat field, some places grow out of Ai Ai, even a wheat are not shake about. Describe the chrysanthemum sentence"
"People say that life is a life of athletics, to go the road is very long, so the eyes can not be confined to the only front, it as a trip, a practice, we grow in the landscape, Grow into the eyes of other people's eyes, we, in the loss and get in the transformation, repair the heart, such as the valley orchids in general, in the Red alone in a window, Taoyuan, only their own heart, and this is enough The"
", Each person's life will have unhappy place, every season will have sad things, every period of time will have you cry things, every memory will have you laugh out of the impulse, do not lost in the painful whirlpool The once happy."
", The sun is lower, the blood of the general red, the water on the surface of the eyes of the broad light waves, from the ocean to the edge of the boat straight."
", The sun just show his face, I walked along the river to the village, so a touch of clear fog, so moist wet mud smell, could not flutter in my face, got into my nose."
", You use the sun to do the wings, dance on my heart. You are in the rough roses on the charming smile, I saw a drop of hot tears, is slowly slipping, it is a charming prayer and sustenance. I am in the morning of the first ray of sunshine, see your delicate lips in the years on the forehead left a deep affection and hot kiss."
", Leaving a Zen heart, so that should not leave the sadness disappeared in the hot air, watching a flower, looking for a happy music, looking for a season to fall, to see the beautiful beauty of the world."
", Although the bitter intolerable, but also the courage to face, because we have good heart, because we may never choose; despite anxious helpless, but also smiling calmly, because the storm is a natural landscape, because life needs free and easy; Death, but also proud of staring, because the palm of your hand is warm, because alive is a tempered. Tears, can only make the heart more pure Che; sigh, can only make the road more persistent; only strong, we will be wonderful to live!"
"People are just an ordinary animal, can not control all the changes in life, can not grasp the weather tomorrow, can only come to adapt, so that the mood to maintain a balanced point, not in the moment ups and downs, quietly watching the changes in life, told Life: even if I can not change you, but I can still let you become like me."
", The summer night, like the dream of the same overflow of all the creatures seem to have all the Russian people want to sleep, although the golden bells of a class of grass insects in the slightest cry, but the sound as thin and distant, Dream it!"
"A person who is willing to trace from your past, until you understand the people of the present, perhaps, he will not cut back in the future for your love."
", The stars under a few people drunk, do not ask to come about, know how much under the screen, softly steady juvenile dream, a case of farewell to the future, every kind of mind see the heart,"

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